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About Lumi

In French, ‘Lumi’ represents ‘lights’。
We would like our customers to be able to feel ‘warmth’, when they think about Lumi. 

Our main customers are white-collar female  between 25 – 45 years old. 

For each season, we design around the concept of providing four distinctive styles, namely: French-like classy style (Femme), trendy mix & match (Trendy), modern stylish (Modern), and formal-dressy style (Image). 

With the goal of building a sustainable enterprise, our team carries a high standard towards fabric and design. 

We firmly believe that fashion is a way to communicate personal characters, hence we would like to deliver the best-possible products to help customers present their best images. 

About Pingguan 

Started in 1999 from clothing manufacture and wholesale, Dongguan Humen Pingguan Clothing Ltd. had partnered with Taiwan, Japan and other international brands. From there, we have accumulated abundant knowledge towards clothing design and manufacture. In 2008, Pingguan started ‘Lumi’, which the company designs and manufactures its own clothes to ensure the products have the highest quality, and the most updated design – to satisfy the need of customers. 

Our company culture is built upon the belief of ‘humanity’, ‘innovation’ and ‘corporation’, by continuing fostering talents in our team, we are able to fully demonstrate our specialties and provide the best products .